Once again, I am seeing myself at work when I see my 5 year-old son playing. Star Wars Lego is his last obsession and it is fascinating to see his little hands flipping through the instructions, following it perfectly and understanding it with the very few knowledge of the written world he has. Some lessons that I can see him learning:

  • Organization – the extremely small pieces of a Lego can easily get lost if you don’t organize it immediately after opening the package. As an organized person myself, I need organization to function – and so do Lego players!
  • ‘Reading’ and understanding instructions – I started thinking that I don’t have any patience to read instructions because I don’t recall playing with Lego when I was young…
  • Patience – and lots of them to hold and place these little tiny pieces together, at exactly the same position as the manual instructs you to, maybe taking a few days to complete a task.
  • Sense of accomplishment – it is such a great feeling when you accomplish something! I think my son already knows that with his Lego projects.

What else can you add to this list?


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