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Communications The Campsite

It is a pleasure to announce that I will be the new Editorial Assistant for The Campsite! I will be working with Meghan J. Ward, a writer based in Banff, Alberta, the power behind the site.

Communications Flood

Our region was terribly affected by the flooding in Southern Alberta. Canmore’s Cougar Creek, a dry creek 11 months of the year, flooded destroying more than 40 houses and TransCanada Highway (Highway 1) and evacuating a full neighborhood on the east side of the creek.

Communications Yamnuska_FB_Small

I will be facilitating a series of six social media classes in Banff, starting on October 16th until Nov 20th (every Tuesday, with two options for you: 9:30 am – 10:45 am or 11:45 am – 1 pm). The price is $18 + GST or $70 for all six sessions.

Communications Lego

Once again, I am seeing myself at work when I see my 5 year-old son playing. Star Wars Lego is his last obsession and it is fascinating to see his little hands flipping through the instructions, following it perfectly and understanding it with the very few knowledge of the written world he has.


After a month preparing their users, Facebook will be changing all pages to Timeline today, March 30th. Two noticeable changes are the fact that we will not have the ability to choose a landing page but we will be able to bring brand awareness using the cover image, so characteristic of the Timeline and a great place for brands to show what they are all about.

Communications Show and Tell

My almost 5 year-old son has a weekly show and tell at his daycare. He considers it the best day of the week. Yesterday, show and tell was the game of choice at home and I had the chance to analyze it from a ‘business’ perspective.

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